Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

H&M Fashion Against Aids

On 20th May 2010 H&M launches its third Fashion Against AIDS campaign. The 25% of the sales will be donated to youth AIDS awareness projects.

Here are my favourite pieces of this Summer Festival Collection (also the only ones I liked..):

Jeans Jacket | Price: EUR 39,95

Leo Print Dress | Price: EUR 19,95

Jeans Dress | Price: EUR 29,95

Shoes | Price: EUR 19,95

images via H&M

Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

Buy a week at VOGUE

Do you want to pay thousands of dollars to work? Charity buzz made that possible.

Ok, to be fair, it's a charity bidding, so you're not really paying in order to work but to help benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and hey, you'd be working one week with Anna Wintour! Charity Buzz is convinced that "just being near her will make you chic!"

In addition to the week at Vogue the auction winner will also get to attend a fashion show during New York’s Fashion Week.

The bidding starts today and ends on the 1st may.
Minimum bid: $ 1.000,-

Got the money? Bid here.

The Fashion Camp

VOGUE Today I'm wearing: Olivia Palermo

Check out the new VOGUE blog: Today I'm wearing.

After Alexa Chung (February) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (March), this month Olivia Palermo is presenting her daily outfits.

Olivia Palermo (24) is an Upper East Side socialite, famous through her appearance on the MTV reality show "The City". She's also considered to be the real-life Blair Waldorf, a protagonist in an American teen drama series "Gossip Girl".

Btw, the real-life Gossip Girl was an website called, an anonymous site which manipulated the city's gossip cycle. Statements like "Next time you think about skipping that certain gala, wearing that unknown designer, dating some weird band member, beware”and “We’re watching. And your ranking is on the line!” sound to me pretty much like the fictional Gossip Girl. And Socialite Rank had indeed the power to ruin several socialites and to elevate unknown women to unlikely prominence. And, as in the case of GG, no one knew who was speaking. The website was all on team Tinsley Mortimer (33), another New York's socialite, and therefore against her rival Palermo. After the website had posted an unpleasant rumour about Palermo sending a letter to other socialites, begging for acceptance, she filed a lawsuit against it. Eventually the website shut down in May 2007 after 1 year of existing. More of the socialite gossip here.

So now, my post wound up gossiping as well, which wasn't the point of it at all. All those intrigues are actually completely irrelevant. All I care about (as long as I don't have to actually socialize with people) is someone's style. And Olivia Palermo does have a lovely sense of style. And a great amount of money to afford it. Weather she is a nice person or not,
Frankly, I don't give a damn.

Samstag, 3. April 2010


eBay might be one of the best inventions on the Internet, but one of the most dangerous as well: it has just too many temptations.
So does MEAT MARKET, one of my favourite vintage online shops. Watch out and don't go broke!

Look what I found this week:

images by Meat Market

Links to these ebay offers: dress1 | dress2 | dress 3

And there are so many more beautiful und unique pieces to discover!
Found out for yourself here.

Want to get more Meat Market style inspirations? Check out their new blog:

Happy shopping and successful bidding!

The Fashion Camp

Donnerstag, 1. April 2010

Mango Fashion Quiz

You want to attend the Mango Fashion Show 2011? Or to visit the "el Hangar" design centre for Mango in Barcelona? Or just go shopping for 150€?
It might be possible if you participate in the Mango Fashion Quiz and answer the weekly question about (mango) fashion.
Good luck.

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